Fluff History -

Our trademark Marshmallow Fluff is one of the oldest and best known brands in America.

Limpert Brothers
trademark name, Marshmallow Fluff, was created by us in 1910, and as a proven fact, sold in our trade in 1913, to designate our marshmallow product.

Over 9 decades of food service, distributors, people in hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, diners, sundae ice cream shops, hospitals, nursing homes, ice cream or yogurt manufacturers and as well, the general public, have known or used our trademark Marshmallow Fluff.

In fact, our trademark, Marshmallow Fluff, must be known to almost everyone who has ever had a child, raised a child, was related to a child, befriended a child, or was a child.

Old, well known brands are very valuable, and they are rare. Only a relative handful of companies and brands that are well known live to reach their one hundredth birthday.

But Marshmallow Fluff is rarer still, almost as rare as the mythical and fabled unicorn; indeed almost as legendary, because Marshmallow Fluff and Limpert Brothers are part of one of the best kept secrets in american business.

Limpert Brothers
and another private company, under a different and separate management, use our trademark name, Marshmallow Fluff, for their marshmallow as well.

We know of no other case in american business where the same trademark or brand is used simultaneously by two unrelated, private or public companies, who use the same brand, on the same product, at the same time.

It came about in this way:

In 1939, we were advised that another company was using our brand name. Upon investigation, it was determined that the provenance of the trademark, Marshmallow Fluff, was ours since we had the earliest use of this trademark. We were represented by Dr Stephen P. Ladas, who later wrote 8 or 10 books on the protection of patents and trademarks, published by the Harvard University Press, taught at the Haigh, and became an internationally known authority on the care and protection of copyrights and patents. In a series of letters and meetings, we were asked by a Mr. Rawlings, who represented the other company, to sell our trademark to them. John Limpert agreed, and named the price at which we would sell our whole trademark. Apparently, the other company could not afford to purchase the whole trademark, which would have given them clear title to it. Instead, they suggested that for 1/5 of the price, they purchase a narrow segment of our trademark, or the right to use our trademark, for a retail grocery consumer, in a sharply restricted use agreement. We agreed.

In an agreement made between us, in 1939, we allowed them to use our trademark, for their product, in a very restricted way. We agreed to let them use our trademark, Marshmallow Fluff, for retail grocery consumers only, by sharply restricting their sale of Marshmallow Fluff in up to a 1lb jar or tub, except in New England, where it could be more.

What is implicit in this restriction alone, is that it further defines the contractual fact that their use of our trade name, Marshmallow Fluff, can only be sold to a retail grocery consumer, which is the sole right they bought from us for 1/5, or 20% of the price of the whole trademark, Marshmallow Fluff. We retained all the other rights to 80% of our Marshmallow Fluff trademark.

Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge

Fast Blend Bavarian Base

Belgium Chocolate Syrup


Fast Blend Butter Pecan Base

Limpert Brothers, Inc. __Products:
In this section you will see a partial list of the many products that Limpert Brothers, Inc. has to offer for use in or on ice cream. Some of these products can also be used for more than just ice cream.

Here you will see the Limpert Lite line. This is a very versatile product and can be used in many ways. Here are just a few of the unique things you can do with this topping: you can make custom dips for fruit or crackers by adding any of the lite line products to marshmallow, you can mix it with cream cheese to make a great tasting spread to be put on bagels or other pastries, or mix it with sour cream to make an excellent topping for a baked potato.

With Limpert Brothers quality products (and a little imagination) the possibilities are endless.

Download our new Products Catalog   (31.8 MB)

New Products in 2011-
Special Flavors -
If you're in search of new and exiting ice cream flavors, you have come to the right place. Limpert Brothers, Inc. has a line of flavors that are second to none.
6300-MEP, Maple Flavor
6304-Natural Nut Flavor
6365-Vanilla Cream
6626-Apple Pie
6628-Almond Pure
6629-Apricot Flavor
6630-Black Walnut Imit.
6634-Brandy Flavor
6635-Bubble Gum Flavor
6640-Burnt Almond Flavor
6645-Almond Cream
6646-Irish Cream
6650-Butter Pecan Flavor
6655-Butter Flavor
6665-Cheesecake Flavor
6668-Champagne Flavor
6675-Orange Pineapple
6680-Cinnamon Flavor
6682-Coconut Flavor
6683-Cotton Candy, Pink
6684-Cotton Candy Flavor
6690-Coffee Flavor
6701-Cappuccino Flavor
6705-Cream De Menthe Flavor
6710-Custard Rum
6715-Ginger Flavor
6720-Carmel Imit.
6724-Lime No color
6728-Lemon Custard Flavor w/o color
6730-Lemon Custard Flavor
6739-Egg Nog Flavor
6740-Nog Imit.
6742-Orange Cream
6750-Peach Imit.
6759-Pina Colada Flavor
6760-Pistachio Imit.
6761-Peppermint Pure Colorless
6762-Peppermint Pure Green
6763-Pistachio Imit. no color
6764-Pumpkin Pie Imit
6770-Rum Flavor
6771-Rum Flavor no color
6772-Sour Apple
6774-Green Apple
6777-Pear "Electric Green"
6778-Pear No color
6782-Teaberry Imit.
6783-Tutti Fruitti
6786-Watermelon Flavor colorless
6787-Watermelon Flavor,Pink

Welcome to Limpert Brothers Art Gallery

The reason we refer to our toppings section as the "Art Gallery" is ..... Limpert toppings do for ice cream or any food item what Leonardo Da Vinci did for a canvas. That's right - - when you use Limpert toppings, you are no longer just a dipper or a scooper - - you become an "Artist" - - your banana splits and sundaes become works of art that taste as great as they look!

Limpert Lite & Fancy Fruit Toppings - "Only Mother Nature Makes Fruit Better"
Made with fruit sugar or "fructose", which has less than 7 calories per tsp. Enjoy gourmet premium products for yogurt, soft serve, hard ice cream and any special treats! Try Limpert`s Lite and Fancy Fruit Toppings mixed in cottage cheese, cream cheese or sour cream. This line is great on pancakes, waffles, cheesecakes, bagels or any item that demands a great fruit topping! Mix these toppings with Limpert`s "Original Marshmallow Fluff" as a stand alone fat free treat, or top your favorite ice-cream for a treat that can't be beat called a "Fluff cup"!
8900-Dutch Apple
8904-Black cherry (Amaretto)
Our ready to use toppings are superior! We work hard to ensure that every bite is filled with the sweet, wholesome flavor of fresh fruit and top quality ingredients!
9029 Blueberry
9030 Creamy Hot Butterscotch
9032 Smooth & Creamy Butterscotch
9070 Fruit Salad
9112 Banana Berry
9123 Blackberry Brandy
9130 Butterscotch
9131 Carmel Rum
9132 Caramel
9134 Smooth & Creamy Caramel
9139 Black Cherry
9140 Cherry
9141 Very Cherry
9142 Cherry Jubilee
9156 Pina Colada
9160 Pineapple
9161 Pineapple (Crispy)
9169 Red Raspberry
9175 Berry Delicious
9170 Strawberry
9188 Hot Apple
9494 Chocolate Syrup

Cherries -
We process cherries on a "made to order" basis so the customer can get what they want. Please allow time when ordering. Thank you.

Color: Maraschino, Black Sweet, Port Wine, Non-Bleeding, Green
Form: Whole, halves, sliced, crushed, halves & quarters, diced, quarters
Pack: Solid Pack, Dry Pack, Standard Pack

FOUNTAIN CHERRIES- Fancy cherries for sundaes.
(case - 6 1/2 gallon jars) (case - 4 gallon jars)

9040 - Fancy Maraschino Cherries, Crushed
9045 - Fancy Maraschino Cherries, Halves
9050 - Fancy Maraschino Cherries, Whole
*New NSA (No sugar added) cherries:
2027 - Maras. Diced s/p NSA
2615 - Port Wine Slices s/p NSA

Fruits and Purees -
FROSTY FRESH FROZEN FRUITS are all natural-- no preservatives have been added. We have balanced the sugars to prevent the fruit from freezing in the finished ice cream. Frosty fresh fruits impart fruit flavor straight from Mother Nature's garden. Plantation Pak Pineapple can be used in ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, cottage cheese, yogurt, and fondant. We offer a variety of pineapple fruits. Dew Fresh Strawberries are sugar-balanced, which means that the berries will not refreeze in the ice cream. Dew Fresh Strawberries are ready to use, and bring the flavor of rich, ripe strawberries to the mix.

2483 - Black Cherry 1/2's Natural d/p
3189 - Pineapple Cherry
3320 - Orange Pineapple
3321 - Orange Pineapple, Fine Cut
3324 - Orange Pineapple, Lighter Color
3403 - Plant. Pak Pineapple w/ cubes LSP
3406 - Plantation Pak Pineapple
3412 - Pineapple, Fine Cut
3420 - Pineapple, Fountain s/p
3450 - Dew Fresh Strawberries, Whole
3453 - Dew Fresh Strawberries, Whole d/p
3454 - Blueberries, Whole
3455 - Dew Fresh Strawberries, Sliced
3458 - Strawberries, Whole, No Color
3460 - Strawberries, Sliced, No Color
3461 - Strawberries, Whole
3463 - Strawberries, Sliced
3464 - Peaches, Sliced
3468 - Peach Puree
3469 - Strawberry Puree
3474 - Peaches, Sliced, No Color

For best results, store at -15ºF to -20º F until ready to use. Product begins to flow at 16º F, do not allow to thaw completely.

FRUIT PUREES are pureed fruit which can be used in the ice cream trade, yogurt, bakery, and confectionery industries.

3010 - Banana
3021 - Blk.Cherry
3030 - Blueberry
3060 - Peach, Conc.
3070 - Rasp.Blk
3075 - Raspberry, Black D.L.
3084 - Pumpkin
3086 - Plum Puree
3090 - Raspberry, Red
3092 - Raspberry, Red D.L
3110 - Raspberry, Red & Black
3115 - Mara.Cherry.
3120 - Strawberry Puree
3121 - Strawberry Puree Seedless
3125 - Strawberry Puree Colorless
3130 - Strawberry Chunks


8101 - Apple
8102 - Blueberry
8103 - Cherry
8104 - Mandarin Orange
8105 - Pineapple
8106 - Red Raspberry
8107 - Strawberry
8109 - Peach Melba

NATURAL FRUIT CONCENTRATES (NFC's) - For use in ice cream, frozen yogurt, water ices, and ice milk. Used alone, they impart a clean, natural flavor to the product. Also makes excellent flavor extenders.For great flavor and super savings!

7045 - Grapefruit, Pink
7046 - Grapefruit, No Color
7049 - Cherry, Red
7050 - Banana
7051 - Cherry, Black
7052 - Lemon
7053 - Lime
7054 - Orange
7055 - Pineapple
7056 - Raspberry, Black
7057 - Raspberry, Red
7058 - Strawberry
7059 - Tangerine
7060 - Peach
7063 - Lemon, No color
7090 - Mango

Chocolate Syrup/Fudge-
One of the best ice cream toppings available in the world today is made right here at Limpert Brothers, Inc. It is our very own "Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge". Limpert`s "Hot Fudge" can take an ordinary Banana Boat Sundae and turn it into a luxury liner of taste, a treat you'll never forget! All Limpert chocolate products are "World Class". If you like chocolate you'll love Limpert`s Hot Fudge!(6 #10 Cans per case)

7900 Rich & Creamy Fat Free Choc. Syrup
8870 Rich & Creamy Fat Free Choc. Fudge
9183 Coconut Fudge Topping
9186 Chocolate Mint Topping
9190 Coco Syro (Super for milk shakes Ice-Cream or hot a drink)
9191 Choco Orange Delight Tpg.
9195 Chocolate Syrup #75
9198 Fudgee Chocolate Syrup
9205 All Purpose Fudge (Great for I.C. cakes)
9210 Milk Chocolate "Hot Fudge"
9220 Bitter Sweet Fudge
9496 Belgium Chocolate Syrup

Bases -
All of our Bavarian Bases improve the firmness, texture, whipping ability, food value, and flavor smoothness of all ice cream. The magic ingredient! It makes any mix an award winner! Add solids without adding fat.

Limpert's Bavarian Base will make a 6% mix taste like a 10% mix, and a 10% mix taste like a 14% mix. Our magic ingredient will make any mix taste like custard!

Bavarian Base is the best ingredient you can add to ice cream or yogurt mix.

5001 - Cheesecake Base
5002 - Cheesecake Base w/o color
5010 - Butter Pecan Base Conc.
5020 - Butter Pecan Base
5026 - Hazelnut Base
5041 - Butterscotch Ice Cream Base
5050 - Chocolate Butter Fudge
5070 - Chocolate Flavor mix
5071 - Choco. Flavor Mix Double Str.
5080 - Mocha Flavor Mix
5085 - Tiramisu Base
5090 - Creamy Caramel Base
5100 - Bavarian Base #21
5102 - Bavarian Base #21 Cat. 1
5103 - Bavarian Base #21 No Color Mix
5110 - Bavarian Base #24 No Color
5112 - Bavarian Base #25 (Frozen)
5119 - Custard Base

These bases can be used to flavor all your ice cream, ice milk, water ices, sherbets, sorbets, and yogurts!

3041 - Cranberry Base
3222 - Cran-Orange Base
3233 - Peach Base
3238 - Green Tea Base
3264 - Perfect Peach Base
4105 - Raspberry, Black Base

To use fruit bases in italian ices: reduce sugar by 25% and replace sugar with 4 times that amount of the fruit base.

Good, rich full-bodied flavor

5140 - Egg Nog Base Regular (Color & Specks, Cat. II)
5180 - Egg Nog Base Penn Style (1% Egg Yolk Solids, Cat. II)

For sherbet and water ices (6 #10 Cans per case)

5290 - Neutral Sherbet Base
5295 - Neutral Sherbet Base Sugar Free
5298 - Italian Ice Base (c/gl)
9003 - Lemon (White) Quick Mix Base
9007 - Orange Quick Mix Base
9008 - Raspberry Quick Mix Base
9009 - Strawberry Quick Mix Base
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